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January 15, 2019

When You Donate to FruitfulRadio, (Formerly MatthewsRadio) You are giving hope to those who otherwise wouldn't hear the Gospel.
Every dollar you donate has an effect on not just your local community, but also on the entire world. We bring christian music and the Word of God to the entire world. With a worldwide listenership from six continents, and our team of Christ believing individuals, we are bringing awesome music and a message to the world. We need your help to keep this going. Please click the donate tab above to donate any amount and plant your seed so that you play a part in what we accomplish.
-Dylan Matthews
​P.S.  Donate $80 ot more and recieve a copy of V.D Matthews New Thriller Book called "The Blue Neighborhood"

* You Must provide Mailing Address in order to recieve Book. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery.


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