Late Nights With Dylan and Valerie

From Monday to Friday, from 00:00 to 00:00

The late nights come with their perks. Dylan and Valerie! But what do you do when their funny and tired jokes wont let you sleep? Well you join in with them. This live broadcast gives you the ability to call them and share your goofy moments and hear their responses. So join the fun and listen in to Late Nights With Dylan and Valerie!

***** This program may have missing broadcasts nights depending on how Dylan is doing that night with his recovery from a deadly strain of Malaria. He is sucsessfully recovering but sometimes he gets exhasted easily. So from February to early April there may not be a live broadcast. The program should return to its regular time in April 2020*****

Program DJ(s)

Co-Founder and Co-Host of Late Nights with Dylan & Valerie
CEO and Host of Family Affairs