A Message From our CEO

June 18, 2020

A Message From our CEO

I know these are uncertain times. Believe me I know. I have been going through this just like you. It has been tough. With job losses and being forced to quarantine, this world has turned us into hermit crabs. We can't let this trial take ahold of our everyday lives. I sometimes have woken up and said why am I doing this work? It is long days and sometimes sleepless nights of programming music and recording new tv programs. I enjoy my job I will say that. I am up right now at 2am listening to Jeremy Camp. Thats why the video above is there. You see we have that same power that Jesus has. We have the power to share the gospel and be disciples in Christ. We are called to be good Stewards and support each other in everything. We are called to LOVE. That is why I have decided to create a brand new program called Hunger for Christ. This program will provide food for the most needy people during this time. We hope you will get involved and support this program and many other programs FruitfulMedia has. You can get involved by donating any amount below.

Just remeber every dollar you donate will go to the community based programs that will support individuals who need help. If you want to become a monthly donor and support our radio & TV platforms you can do that too.


I give thanks to God.

Keep Me in The Moment,

Dylan Terrence Matthews