Dylan Terrence Matthews - CEO

Born in Victorville, CA, I was at the young age of 8 placed in foster care. I aged out of the system at 18. At 22 I Married his Beautiful wife. I am a baker by trade but that has been paused as God has led me into Christian Media. In August of 2017 My wife Valerie and I started up a small internet radio station MatthewsRadio. For about a year and a half MatthewsRadio was just a Christian music streaming station. In December of 2018 I and My wife realized this is much bigger than we thought so we changed the Name to FruitfulRadio and Formed Matthews Media Ministries and in 2019 changed our nonprofit name to FruitfulMedia as it was more in line with what we do. Now In July of 2020 we have three radio stations. FruitfulRadio, FruitfulGospel and FruitfulWorship with several more genre specific stations to come. we also have a TV Channel FruitfulTV and a New Platform called FruitFlix set to be available to everyone soon. We also have a publishing platform called Fruitful House Publishing that platform is still up and coming and is in the works. We both along with Our Board and close friends Moses Kadenge Isaac Wanyama and his Wife Immaculate run a Christian Media Organization called FruitfulMedia/Matthews Media Ministries in Dothan, Alabama. (FruitfulRadio, FruitfulTV, Fruitful House Publishing and Foster4Hope.) Foster4Hope is not a fully started program yet but we are planning on launching it soon. You can find our ministry work here: